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About Our Company

BancTrac Solutions, Inc. is a knowledge-based technology company specializing in providing action-oriented, strategic marketing intelligence solutions to community banks. BancTrac goes beyond MCIF and data mining products to assist small banks in thriving in today’s complex banking environment.

BancTrac was founded in 2002 on the philosophy that people are best served by banks that know them and their community. All of our products and services have been designed to help you better understand your customers and markets, so you can compete effectively and increase your bank’s service and influence in your community.

With continuous expansion of the products and services offered and an on-going commitment to providing the information bankers need to grow their business, BancTrac Solutions is the one-stop source of strategic marketing intelligence for community financial institutions.

We build strong bonds and are committed to our loyal customers – many of whom serve as the cornerstone of their own local communities. Even as we have grown over the years, our philosophy has never changed. We work hard to earn our customer’s business and strive everyday to retain that business.