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to meet your marketing intelligence needs.

The BancTrac strategy for success consists of knowing your customers, designing products they’ll want, retaining your best customers, finding others like them, and managing relationships for increased profitability.

Bank marketers face a financial marketplace containing a wide variety of opportunities that are constantly changing. BancTrac equips bankers with the INFORMATION they need to understand and develop successful strategies to achieve GROWTH from new opportunities.

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That was simple, easy to use. WOW - this is the information that I needed. That is the BancTrac difference. Developed by bank marketers and designed with the community bank in mind, BancTrac gives you the industry’s most convenient, affordable, power-packed arsenal of strategic marketing intelligence tools available today.


We empower banks and credit unions to identify opportunities, create new sources of PROFIT and maximize marketing ROI through the use of our business intelligence software.

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