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In the highly competitive financial services industry, your customer information is an invaluable asset. With the proper approach, this data can be transformed into business intelligence that enhances customer relationships and grows profitability.

However, many institutions lack the systems and analytical frameworks to use this information to their best advantage. Our consulting services give you actionable information and proven methodologies to identify growth opportunities and create more effective marketing strategies that produce tangible bottom-line results.

Transform the CHALLENGES you face today

Which customer deposits are at risk and how are we marketing to them? Can we replace revenue lost to Reg-E? Is our latest new product being used by our target customer? How do we implement a customer loyalty program? Why are some branches better at retaining customers than others?

Into choices between future opportunities

What are the profiles our most profitable customers? How can we find similar new customers in my existing branch network? Which factors drive branch profitability and how do our branches compare? Which new market areas do we need to be in? How do we convert single service households to profitable long-term relationships?

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